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Expectations from Interns by Marketing Firms

Creative Brand Marketing agencies are always on the lookout for Interns. They need interns for helping them out with the extra side work they have and in turn, the interns can either get paid or get a credit point for their degree. Marketing interns are very useful in the marketing industry, they mainly assist in advertising or marketing the company’s products. Interns who have mastered marketing training can easily carry out various tasks i.e identifying the marketing needs, developing all sorts of marketing materials, teamwork, etc.

Their educational experience makes it easier for them to get a job. Marketing interns generally assist the company to research the current market trend, identify how to improve the marketing effort of the company, manage the company’s social media accounts, and discuss upcoming events with the manager.

Therefore, their role as interns in Creative Brand Marketing agencies is undisputed. However, for an intern to be qualified there are certain requirements the company expects from them. They are highlighted below.


This requirement is not common for a marketing internship, but it can make you a more competitive candidate when applying for an internship and possibly give you an advantage. As a Marketing Trainee, you can earn the following certifications:

creative brand marketing and brand communication strategy
  • Google Analytics: You can improve your digital marketing skills with a Google Analytics certification. To earn this certification, you must pass the Google Analytics exam, which can be taken online. You will answer 70 questions and must complete them in 90 minutes. To remain certified, you must take the exam annually.
  • Google AdWords: An example of this is the American Marketing Association. To earn the Google AdWords Certification, you must choose your favorite field, covering major areas such as digital marketing, sales management, content marketing, and marketing management. Once you have chosen the industry you are interested in, study the course and take the exam. After passing the exam, you become a member of the American Marketing Association. You must have a continuing education certificate and exams for each route.


Training can also be a form of learning. Interns should first apply the acquired skills for real marketing purposes. Marketing interns often continue their education in an entry-level marketing role after completing a marketing internship. Some interns can go from apprentices to aspiring marketers. But this is the specificity of the company.


It is expected that interns should have basic creative and analytical abilities. They can use their abilities to develop the following skills.

  • Communication: this is a very important skill while marketing as an intern. Marketing interns learn and develop skills in direct collaboration with other members of the marketing team and marketing managers. So they must possess verbal and written communication skills.
  • Creative skill: interns must have creative skills because part of their task is creating and designing market materials. Also, this skill is required for interns running the company’s social media because they must bring up creative thinking to drive engagement and marketing awareness.
  • Teamwork: this is a major requirement in the marketing sector. All marketing companies have large marketing teams that need other team members to communicate, collaborate, and delegate tasks. Teamwork hastens the completion of projects. Interns assist the marketing team with creating new brand communication strategies for clients. Not just communication strategies, but also brand development and much more. So, they must be good at teamwork.
  • Analytical skills: This skill is required while creating marketing materials to test the results of marketing campaigns.
  • Organizational skill: this skill allows the intern to manage their schedules efficiently.
  • Time management: many marketing initiatives require time management to meet deadlines. Also, this skill is required if the intern has several roles to manage.


It is part of the requirements that marketing interns should be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Internships may be optional or may require a degree in marketing.

Requirements based on education depend largely on the program you are participating in. Some companies require a marketing intern to complete a course that will help them during their internship i.e. digital media, and advertising.